What’s the best technology for my budget and for my organizational life stage?

Tired of the search?

Rather than provide a verbose article, let’s go straight into the meat of things! Over the years, I’ve experienced my fair share of technological advances and tools providing support to nonprofit professionals. Here’s my take on those available today:

For any size organization

Grant research software:

Instrumentl.com – worth every penny, although it’s not expensive. Saves time by pulling accurate funding sources for your mission, program, project or event. Share with leadership or a team at no extra cost!

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14-day free trial also available.

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For Small organizations (startup and under $100,000 annual budget)

Online Giving tools -

Donorbox – easy to set up; efficient and low cost.

Tithe.ly – Used mostly by Faith organizations, but similarly easy to set up and low cost.


Totem – affordable, growing and relationship focused to help donor development processes. Currently offering month to month with no contracts due to the pandemic. Last confirmed July 2020.

Email –

Constant Contact – always worth the investment

MailChimp – for those who simply don’t have budget for Constant Contact or need a super user friendly system (a monkey shows you want to do).

For Midsize organizations (over $400,000 annual budget, maybe less with expected growth after investing in the right tools)

Online Giving tools -

Network for Good – Perfect solution for organizations with several campaigns, launching peer to peer events or needing a truly easy platform for donors to give and opt to pay costs. Super user friendly for staff and donors.

Virtuous – Maybe. This is by far the best CRM for donor relationships, so if you are ready to leverage tools to save time and increase giving – Go for Virtuous online giving to ease donation processing and save labor costs when you choose Virtuous CRM.


Network for Good – opt for the total package and it’s a one stop shop, connects directly to the online giving. Super user friendly for staff and donors.

Virtuous – Maybe. This is by far the best CRM for donor relationships, so if you are ready to leverage tools to save time and increase giving – Go for Virtuous, but it’s a bit more costly.


Constant Contact – the added benefits will alleviate costs in the long run. Protects the organization from spamming and any updates to email laws. CC stays on top of these things so you don’t have to.

Virtuous – if you choose Virtuous CRM, email marketing is included and a part of Virtuous.

For Large Organizations (over $1 Million annual budget)

Online Giving tools -

Virtuousmainly because you will want to use the Virtuous CRM, Virtuous leaders are a top team and always bringing updates and improvements to the tools.


VirtuousAs mentioned above, top notch and great service. This CRM, to donor development staff, will add hours to their week – it really is liking adding new staff to your team.

Email –

Virtuous – email marketing is included. Right in the system.

Friends, each of these services has proven themselves to be worthy of my recommendation. I plan to evaluate and update this listing every six months or so. Each of these tools I’ve used or currently use and believe they are the best in the industry as of today, July 1, 2020.

Daphne Keys

*I am receiving zero benefit from recommending Virtuous, Constant Contact, Mail Chimp or Network for Good. I will receive a discount on my already purchased Instrumentl.com system for every person gaining their own discount using the link or code above. No person or organization will hold me liable for these recommendations if for some reason they are unhappy with their decision to enlist one of these services for their organizational use. These are my opinions and only my opinions.

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